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Education in Coal Combustion (by-) Products

The UK CAER has now launched a new educational web site ... the KENTUCKY ASH EDUCATION SITE.

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This web site was originally the product of a grant from the University of Kentucky President’s Office called a Commonwealth Collaborative. The interactive web site provides clear explanations of the issues surrounding coal combustion (by-) products, their potential for beneficial utilization, environmental cleanup, and what the University of Kentucky is doing to study them.

The story is told in non-technical terms and is organized and scripted with the help of professionals with relevant expertise in communicating with the public. The information will be useable at the high school level, but also to be useful to communicate with others, including legislators and non-specialists in the field of energy production.

The CAER Web Manager and Communications Manager worked closely with ash researchers and a graphic artist to create, refine, and synthesize relevant information and package it for public consumption. The site was completed at the end of January, 2008.

Ghent Poster as Thumbnail
The Day We Shot Ghent

Before the site was created, a video was taken of the Ghent "Fast Float" process developed by the UK CAER's Environmental and Coal Technologies research scientists.

Ghent Poster - In .jpg format
Ghent Poster - In .pdf format