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Since August, 2002 scientists from the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) have devised and conducted hands-on science experiments with 4th grade students at Russell Cave Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky. The 4th-grade students have created invisible ink, made generators and thermometers, extracted color from leaves and studied energy. This is a way for our scientists to share their expertise with the students of the community.

As the next step, we have put some of these experiments on our CAER web site for other educators to use. The experiments are formatted in Powerpoint presentations. Educators are encouraged to integrate these experiments into your classrooms. The researchers who contributed them are listed as contacts on the individual Powerpoint slides. Feel free to contact them if you need assistance. You may use this material for educational, non-commercial use only.

Russell Cave CD of Experiments
CD Cover of CAER's 4th Grade Experiments