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Vanderbilt University Coal Collection

In 2006, the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Vanderbilt University donated a collection of over 150 coal and solid bitumen samples to the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research. Coordinating the effort at Vanderbilt was Dr. Brendan R. Bream. Alma Paty, executive director of the American Coal Foundation and a geology graduate of both Vanderbilt and the University of Kentucky, played a significant role in directing the collection to the CAER. The Vanderbilt University Coal Collection is stored in the Applied Petrology Laboratory, room 141, at the CAER.

The notes included with each sample are from the identification tags. The collection was made over many years in the first half of the 20th century, and some tags were lost or could not be read in their entirety. Spelling corrections were made where obvious, but, for the most part, the location names reflect the information on the tag. Additional definitions of the solid bitumens and coals were taken from Tomkieff (1954, Coals and bitumens and related fossil carbonaceous substances: Nomenclature and classification, London, Pergamon) and from cited references. Additional information about US cannel coals can be found in George Ashley's publication (Ashley, G.H., 1918. Cannel coal in the United States. US Geol. Survey Bull. 659, 127).

The samples in the collection are sorted according to the drawer in which they are stored:

Any questions should be directed to: Jim Hower
Manager, Applied Petrology Laboratory
Center for Applied Energy Research