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  • Links from the Ash Library - sponsored by the Center for Applied Energy Research
  • Coal - General/Education/History - from CAER's coal links
  • Coal - Associations/Organizations - from CAER's coal links
  • Kentucky Ash Education Site - a resource that discusses coal combustion by-products (CCBs) such as CCB basics, research, utilization, economic and environmental importance, and potential future use.
  • Charah Environmental Inc. - ash management company that provides expertise in landfill, structural fill, bottom ash processing and marketing of coal ash by-products.
  • FlyAsh Direct - association of electric utilities whose common goal is to increase utilization of their by-product resources. It is a virtual Coal Combustion By-Product (CCP) resource marketing tool available to both electric utilities and users of CCP's to create awareness of beneficial construction applications.
  • Fly Ash Resource Center - provides information on coal combustion byproducts (CCBs): materials research, environmental, standards/quality assurance, and marketplace
  • History of Fly Ash - from the Fly Ash Information Center of which its primary objective is to create further awareness towards the innovative use of Fly Ash in construction.

Publications/On-line Databases

  • Anthracite Coal Field Images - may view 19th and 20th century drawings on-line or can purchase from this online company
  • Ash Library - repository of selected full-text papers in the field of coal combustion by-product utilization (CCBs) including innovative beneficiation, utilization, handling, and storage techniques; currently all of the papers in the library were presented at the International Ash Utilization Symposia, (a symposia series implemented by the CAER at the University of Kentucky).
  • Atlas of ore and opaque minerals - virtual atlas sponsored by SME; this site provides over 400 full colour photomicrographs of the major ore-forming associations and opaque minerals in non-mineralized rocks; describes typical examples of each material from many classical localities throughout the world
  • Coal Age - Lobos Services, Inc is now publishing Coal Age, E&MJ, Keystone Coal Industry Manual and the Longwall USA trade show
  • Coal Petrology Primer - from the University of Newcastle - Australia
  • Coal Preparation - B.K. Parkeh, ECT Scientist, Editorial Board
  • Coal Quality Database - National Coal Resources Data System from USGS.
  • Energy and Environmental Research Center - Several EERC databases developed by the University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center are available at that site.
  • Geologica Acta - Jim Hower, ECT Scientist, Editorial Board
  • Global Magazines - Global Cement and Lime Magazine AND Global Gypsum Magazine
  • International Journal of Coal Geology
  • International Journal of Mineral Processing - B.K. Parkeh, ECT Scientist, Editorial Board
  • Minerals and Metallurgical Processing - B.K. Parkeh, ECT Scientist, Editorial Board
  • Mineralogy Database - mineral data on individual species are linked to the following mineral table by crystallography, X-Ray powder diffraction, chemical composition, physical and optical properties, Dana's New classification, Strunz classification, and alphabetical listings of mineral species
  • Petrographic Atlas of Coals and Carbons, including Fly Ash - shows coals, cokes, chars, carbons, graphites, and other natural and man-made carbonaceous materials under the optical microscope with the intent of characterizing these materials for both scientific and industrial applications; presented by Dr. John C. Crelling of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
  • Coal - Other Publications - from CAER's coal links

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