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Recent work on the development of novel nanotube-based membranes by Rodney Andrews and Terry Rantell, along with faculty from the UK Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, appeared in the January 2004 issue of Science. The article can be found on line at Science's web site:

According to the Science abstract, aligned carbon nanotubes were incorporated across a polymer film to form a well-ordered nanoporous membrane structure. This membrane structure was confirmed by electron microscopy, anisotropic electrical conductivity, gas transport and ionic transport studies. The lengths of the nanotubes within the polymer film were reduced by selective electrochemical oxidation, which allowed for tunable pore lengths. Oxidative trimming processes result in end groups that are functionalized at the entrance of the inner-cores. Membranes demonstrated the ability to gate molecular transport through carbon nanotube cores for potential application in chemical separations and sensing.

The Lexington Herald-Leader featured a front-page story on November 28th (2003), describing the work.