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Carbon Links

  • American Elements - This company produces advanced materials for governments, universities and national labs. It describes the research and uses of each of the elements, including properties, safety data and applications.
  • American Carbon Society - The Society promotes interdisciplinary research and technology in the field of carbon science. Moreover, the Society sponsors a Biennial Conference on Carbon, a major international conference encompassing all areas of carbon science.
  • CarboLex Research and Industry Links - Links include a Q & A discussion list and Nanotechnology Now
  • A Carbon Nanotube Page - A site maintained by a researcher in the Chemistry Department of the University of Reading; good source of nanotube resources.
  • Consol Energy Inc - CONSOL Energy's Research and Development Department, located in Library, Pa., and Morgantown, W.Va., is the largest private research organization in the United States devoted exclusively to coal.
  • Consortium for Premium Carbon Products from Coal - (CPCPC) is directed to work on the production of high-value carbon products from coal. Current research activities include projects on such materials as graphite, activated carbon, anthracite, pitch, carbon fibers, carbon black, carbon foams, and carbon from coal-fired power plant ash.
  • Filtrona International Ltd - Filtrona's fibre components division is a leading manufacturer of bonded fibre components used in an extensive range of consumer disposable products.
  • Koppers Industries - Koppers is a leading integrated producer of carbon compounds and treated wood products for use in the aluminum, chemical, railroad, utility, and steel industries.
  • NanoRing - This ring was created to provide education in the current nanotechnological age.
  • Nanostructure Science and Technology - A world-wide study by the WTEC panel
  • - NanotechNews and MEMS Center have transformed into, a portal that delivers breaking news, exclusive small-tech resources, large knowledge databases, and a place to discuss nanotech and MEMS with a growing community. (02/03)
  • NanoTechnology Industries - Links to Nanotechnology involved companies.
  • Reilly Industries - Reilly Industries is a leading producer of specialty and pyridine chemicals.
  • The Nanotube Site - The site intends to facilitate the exchange of ideas among researchers by concentrating links to sites dedicated to nanotubes. Maintained by David Tomanek at Michigan State University.

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