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Growing and Converting Aquatic Biomass for Fuel Precursors

Dr. Robert Weber
Sunrise Ridge Algae
Katy, TX

Thursday, September 28, 2010 at 3:00pm
Ben Bandy Conference Room
UK Center for Applied Energy Research

The selection of a particular biomass feedstock and conversion process for making transportation fuel depend the available production resources and market needs. Even so, the scale of the problem and the goal of minimizing externalities impose constraints that not every value chain and technology currently being pursued can meet. Sunrise Ridge Algae's recent analysis of the opportunities of using the production of renewable fuels to beneficiate the carbon dioxide generated by cement manufacturing serves as the framework for this presentation that overviews--and critiques--some approaches that do not yet appear to address the difficulties of the time and spatial scales associated with the growing the feedstocks for making fungible fuels.