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CAER Seminars

The Center for Applied Energy Research each year sponsors seminars dealing with science topics to provide access to current topics of both academic and research interests. The July 1999/June 2000 contact for these seminars was Sunny Chen and the July 1998/June 1999 contact was Chris Lafferty.

1999 Seminar Dates:

Mario L. Occelli MLO Consultants, Atlanta, GA December 13, 1999
Dr. Matthew H. Pelkki University of Kentucky December 9, 1999
Dr. Chris Veal CSIRO, Australia November 1, 1999
Dr Richard Sakurovs CSIRO, Australia October 21, 1999
Dr. Frans Prinsloo Sasol, South Africa October 18, 1999
Dr. David Atwood Chemistry Dept, Univ of Kentucky August 11, 1999
Dr. George Roberts Dept Chemical Engineering, NC State Univ August 9, 1999
Professor Yoshihiro Sugi Dept of Chemistry, Gifu Univ, Japan July 30, 1999
Dennis Van Puyvelde Dept of Chemistry, Univ of Technology, Sydney June 7, 1999
Semih Eser The Energy Institute, Penn State Univ May 21, 1999
Albert Vannice Dept of Chemical Engineering, Penn State Univ May 14, 1999