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CAER Seminars

The Center for Applied Energy Research each year sponsors seminars dealing with science topics to provide access to current topics of both academic and research interests. The 1997/1998 contact for these seminars was Chris Lafferty.

1998 Seminar Dates:

Dr. Juan R. Inga Air Products & Chemicals Inc. November 23, 1998
Dr. Dongguang Wei Chemical Eng, Univ of Pittsburgh November 18, 1998
Malvina Farcasiu Springview R& D Corp, New York October 29, 1998
Dr. Adam J. Berkovich Univ of Technology, Sydney, Australia September 17, 1998
Ms. Kathy Ackley University of Cincinnati August 20, 1998
Dr. Sallie Baliunas Center for Astrophysics May 14, 1998
Dr. R.B. Clarkson Illinois EPR Research Center April 29, 1998
Dr. David A. Rockstraw New Mexico State University April 23, 1998
Dr.David W. Koppenaal Pacific NW National Lab April 17, 1998
Dr.Malcolm Hepworth University of Minnesota April 2, 1998
Dr. A.K. Ismail Central Metallurgical R & D Institute March 17, 1998
Dr. H.H. Hamdeh Wichita State University March 3, 1998
M.L. Occelli Georgia Institute of Technology January 8, 1998
Prof. Bala Subramaniam University of Kansas January 27, 1998