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CAER Seminars

The Center for Applied Energy Research each year sponsors seminars dealing with science topics to provide access to current topics of both academic and research interests. The 1995/1996 contact was Bob Rathbone.

1996 Seminar Dates:

Dr. Henry Foner Geological Survey of Israel January 1996
Dr. Gary Carlson Univ of Colorado at Boulder January 1996
Dr. John W. Larsen Lehigh University January 1996
Dr. James C.W. Kuo Private Consultant, New Jersey February 1996
Dr. A.C. Buchanan, III Oak Ridge National Laboratory March 1996
Dr. Choon-Ho Kim Korea Inst of Energy Research March 1996
Dr. Jonathan Phillips Penn State University May 1996
Dr. G.D. Cody Carnegie Institution of Washington May 1996
Dr. Brij M. Moudgil University of Florida June 1996
Mr. Adam J. Berkovich University of Technology, Sydney August 1996
Mr. John M. Andresen University of Strathclyde September 1996
Dr. Pieter van Nierop Sastech, Republic of South Africa September 1996
Professor Haim Cohen Ben-Gurion University, Israel October 1996
Dr. David H. Olson University of Pennsylvania November 1996
Francoise Ehrburger-Dolle Institut de Chimie des Surfaces et Interfaces, France November 1996