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The Center for Applied Energy Research each year sponsors seminars dealing with science topics to provide access to informational, current topics of both academic and research interests.

1995 Seminar Dates:

Dr. Goodarz Ahmadi Morgantown Energy Center Computational Modeling of Particles Transport, Deposition and Resuspension
Dr. S. Sircar Air Products & Chemicals Nanoporous Carbon Membrane for Separation of Gas Mixtures
Dr. Keng Chung Syncrude Canada Ltd Preferential Adsorption in Catalyst-bitumen Systems
Dr. Richard Kruger Ash Resources (PTY) Ltd Fly Ash Beneficiation: Creating New Opportunities in the Marketplace
Dr. Juan R. Inga University of Pittsburgh Recent Developments in Fischer-Tropsch Slurry Technologies
Dr. Robert L. Alig Applied Sciences, Ltd Potential Hydrocarbons for the Development of Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber
Dr. Tim Burchell Oak Ridge National Lab Fusion Energy-A Challenge to the Carbon Materials Scientist
Dr. Ralph W. Lai US Dept of Energy A Unified Proportionality Equation for Science and Engineering Applications
Dr. Francoise Ehrburger-Dolle Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Analysis of the Derived Curves of Adsoprtion Isotherms
Dr. Dr. Suk-Ho Kang Yeungnam University Problems and Prospects of Energy and Environment in Korea
Dr. Michael Antal University of Hawaii at Manoa High Yield Charcoal Production from Biomass
Dr. Stephen Niksa SRI International Bringing Coal Combustion Chemistry into the Fold
Dr. L.S. Penn University of Kentucky Tethered Chains at Impenetrable Interfaces-A Toughening Strategy
Dr. Dennis Finseth Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center Beneficiation-Bugs, Bubbles, Bombs, and Electrostatics
Dr. Phillip Britt Oak Ridge National Lab Pyrolysis and Hydropyrolysis of Silica-Immobilzed Coal Model Compounds
Dr. Gokhan Baykal Gogazici University