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CAER Seminars

The Center for Applied Energy Research each year sponsors seminars dealing with science topics to provide access to informational, current topics of both academic and research interests.

The 2005 contact is Marybeth McAlister.

2005 Seminar Dates:

Kenneth Krupinski Coal and Petroleum Coke Making Shortcourse Sept 21, 2005
John Hiett Office of Mine Safety and Licensing August 2, 2005
Dr. Michael Jaffe New Jersey Institute of Technology July 14, 2005
Phil Zacarias Mineral Solutions, Inc. June 17, 2005
Bruce Firth CSIRO - Brisbane, Australia May 2, 2005
Dr. Datta Patil CAER, Lexington, KY March 29, 2005
Matthys van Vuuren Sasol Technology, South Africa March 7, 2005
Bob Jewell UK Center for Applied Energy Research, Lexington, KY January 26, 2005