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CAER Seminars

The Center for Applied Energy Research each year sponsors seminars dealing with science topics to provide access to current topics of both academic and research interests. The July 2000/June 2001 contact for these seminars was Yongqing Zhang. The July 2001/June 2002 contact is Uschi Graham.

2001 Seminar Dates:

Isabel Di Cosimo INCAPE, Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, Santa Fe, Argentinia October 11, 2001
Dr. Carlos Querini Catalysis Research Institute - Santa Fe, Argentinia October 11, 2001
Dr. Naresh Shah Chem & Materials Eng and CFFLS - University of Kentucky June 15, 2001
Dr. Lila W. Gurba School of Geology - Univ of New South Wales,
Sydney, Australia
May 21, 2001
Dr. Daniel Resasco Chemical Eng & Materials Sci - Univ of Oklahoma May 14, 2001
Dr. Sundaram Krishnamoorthy University of California at Berkeley May 11, 2001
Dr. Rick Honaker Dept Mining Eng - Univ of Kentucky March 23, 2001
Dr. James G. Goodwin, Jr. Dept Chemical Eng - Univ of Kentucky March 19, 2001
Dr. Koturs Narsimhan Consultant - Richmond, Virginia February 2, 2001
Dr. Mark A. Keane Dept Chemical & Materials Eng - Univ of Kentucky February 23, 2001