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A Carbon-13 NMR Study of Carbon dioxide Absorption and Desorption with Aqueous Amine Solutions

Dr. Qi Yang
CSIRO, Australia

Wednesday, November 24, 2008 13:00 am
Ben Bandy Conference Room
UK Center for Applied Energy Research

Quantitative 13C NMR spectroscopy was used to study the reaction of CO2 with aqueous amines. A number of structurally different amines were studied using this method to investigate their CO2 absorption and desorption under different reaction conditions. The results has illustrated reaction mechanism, speciation and relative rate of CO2 absorption and desorption with aqueous amine solutions, and also disclosed relationship of amine chemical structures and their CO2 capture capacities. This study provides a guideline to find ideal amines for post combustion capture (PCC) and improve energy efficiency in pilot plant operation.