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Phase Separation of Meso-Scale Structures by Electrostatic Self-Assembly

Dr. George Kaufman
Department of Chemistry at Transylvania University
Lexington, KY

Friday, March 16, 2010 at 10:00am
Ben Bandy Conference Center
UK Center for Applied Energy Research

This talk describes the formation of two-dimensional (2D) crystals of monopolar and dipolar particles made of electrostatically charged, unjoined or joined, millimeter-scale spheres. The crystals separate, as a distinct phase, from a mixture of these particles and similar, capacitively charged particles that were coated with gold. The extent of separation increased with increasing amplitude of agitation, and with decreasing density of particles. Above a threshold in the amplitude of agitation, the crystals broke apart and the particles remixed. This system is a 2D model of the nucleation of crystals of ions or polar molecules in a polarizable liquid.