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Thermal Characterization of Australian Oil Shales

Mr. Adam J. Berkovich
University of Technology, Sydney
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
Sydney, Australia

Monday, August 19, 3:30 pm
Ben Bandy Conference Center
Center for Applied Energy Research

There has been a significant research effort on the development of an industry based on Australian oil shales. Although much research has focussed on processor design and development, to date the thermodynamic data used has been relatively conservative and based upon very limited experimental work. The nature of oil shale processing and the processor proposed relies heavily on the knowledge of thermodynamic data for any given oil shale.

The current research work is focussed on the development of thermodynamic data base for Australian oil shales. Thermoanalytical techniques such as differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry have been applied to Australian oil shales by many researchers, with varied success. The current research work has taken a new approach to the thermal characterisation of oil shales, by separating the unique components in the oil shale and analysing them individually. As well, more modern thermal analysis techniques of modulated differential scanning calorimetry and high resolution thermogravimetry are being applied.

These techniques are capable of collecting and generating data which is critical to certain aspects of process modelling, this data has not been generated previously because of limited advances in thermal analysis instrumentation and techniques. Ultimately, the data generated will have direct application in processor development and allow the thermal characteristics of any given shale to be readily determined.