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Demonstration of Advanced APBS Solvent at TNO’s CO2 Capture Pilot Plant.

Avi Patkar and Prateek Bumb
Carbon Clean Solutions

September 22, 2015 at 10:00am
Ben Bandy Conference Center
UK Center for Applied Energy Research


The company Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) has developed a variety of energy efficient solvents and processes such as PCCMax, which aim to reduce the overall operating and capital cost of CO2 capture. Highly successful R&D in collaboration with TNO, considering aspects from fundamental properties such as VLE and current work has been focused on developing energy efficient chemical solvents and addressing solvent management aspects such as solvent degradation, corrosion and emissions. CCS demonstrated their solvent technology at TNO’s 6 MTPD (metric tons per day) CO2 capture pilot plant connected to a coalfired power plant from E.ON, Maasvlakte near Rotterdam. The advanced novel solvent APBS was compared with conventional solvents in terms of CO2 absorption capacity, energy, cyclic capacity and absorption kinetics over 1000 operation hours. This APBS solvent was specifically developed to capture CO2 from flue gas emissions from coal based power plants. This solvent system is based on an innovative combination of solvent components used to overcome the particular weaknesses of the state of art CO2 capture solvents.