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Validation of Multiscale Model for Heat Generation in Hardening Concrete

Z. Bittnar
Professor of Civil Engineering, Fellow of the Engineering Academy - Czech Technical University

November 12, 2015 at 2:00pm
Ben Bandy Conference Center
UK Center for Applied Energy Research


Temperature rise in hydrating concrete presents a formidable problem that may lead to significant acceleration of hydration kinetics, early-age cracking, and decreased durability. Multiscale formulation was developed, coupling a cement hydration model on the microscale with the finite element method (FEM) solving heat conduction problem on the macroscale. Although discrete hydration model predicts heat evolution controlled by macroscale temperature, the FEM satisfies heat balance equation during thermal conduction. 2D validations show reasonable temperature agreement with an access to the local quantities, such as a degree of hydration. Here, this multiscale and coupled model is validated against two in situ bridge constructions.