The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research is seeking a Programmer Systems Analyst Senior for our Operations Department. This position is responsible for design and implement schema changes of a large operational database to meet departmental needs. This position regularly evaluates possible changes needed to improve the system for existing business requirements as well as make modifications that are required for a wide variety of new business requirements. This individual will also modify and create new forms as needed to facilitate existing and new departmental workflows; work with end users to make changes that are required; and meet with end users and supervisors to determine business requirements. This position also includes programming in the Microsoft Net Framework, for new software to implement existing or new business requirements, this software includes web based as well as desktop software; developments mobile occasionally connected applications using Microsoft tools; and in conjunction with departmental supervisors determines software requirements as needed. This individual supports end users with any issues arising from the database, or any of the database related software; includes installation or provisioning the departments desktop, laptops or tablets with the front-end software needed to access the database, along with ODBC DSN entries, etc. This position may also be assigned to the Center’s support office in Frankfort for support of programming and databases.

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