Elementary, middle school, and high school students from around the area monitored building efficiency, saw how fresh flowers can freeze quickly via liquid nitrogen, and discovered that algae is not just pond scum during tours of CAER this spring.

The students hailed from Russell Cave Elementary, which celebrates its decade long partnership with CAER this year; Clark County Middle School through its partnership with Bluegrass PRIDE; and a group of female high school students from Fayette County’s “Green Team.”

There were around 150 students in total. While the tours were more detailed to suit the groups’ grade level, all seemed fascinated by the science. The students were impressed when told that the newest building on CAER’s research campus uses around 60 percent of the energy for a regular building its size. They were equally as enthralled with the idea that algae could be used to capture carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

In addition to the demonstrations, researchers discussed their backgrounds, education, careers, and the need for future energy experts.