Graffin Lecture: 19 Oct. 2012, 10-11a.m. UKY CAER Bandy Room 2540 Research Park Dr., Lexington, KY

Dr. Julian Norley Senior Corporate Fellow, GrafTech International Holdings Inc., Parma, Ohio, USA

GrafTech International - 125 Years of Carbon and Graphite Materials Science - from Arc Carbons to Smart Phones


GrafTech International was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1886 as the National Carbon Company and in 2011 celebrates 125 years as a carbon and graphite materials science company, with annual sales in excess of $1 billion and sixteen manufacturing plants located worldwide. GrafTech today manufactures a wide variety of carbon and graphite raw materials and finished products and services a broad variety of markets including steel making, solar, semiconductor, consumer electronics, oil and exploration, fuel cells and batteries.


The lecture will discuss highlights of GrafTech's 125 year history of invention and commercialization of carbon and graphite materials, covering the topics of arc carbons, brushes, dry cell batteries, electrodes for electric steel making, nuclear graphite, carbon fibers, alkaline batteries, fuel cells, graphite for the solar industry and heat spreaders for Smart Phones.

The American Carbon Society, supported by grants from the Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc., sponsors this lecture series in North American Universities. The lecture series is in honor of George D. Graffin, who was a pioneer in the natural graphite industry. Each year the Society selects a lecturer who has made distinguished contributions to carbon science and engineering. The lecture is available to North American universities, by arrangement with the lecturer.