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Descriptions of the CAER

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy (CAER) investigates energy technologies to improve the environment; contributes to technically sound policies related to coal, energy and the environment; adds to the teaching and instruction aim of UK by educating students from pre-college to postgraduate levels and being involved in labor force development for Kentucky; promotes UK's objective of developing and benefiting from its Intellectual Property with a balance between the publication of scientific results and patenting; and provides public service through scientific education and its energy-related competencies.

The Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) is one of the University of Kentucky's multidisciplinary research centers. Its energy research provides a focal point for coal and environmental research in Kentucky. Research efforts are directed to: coal cleaning, beneficiation, utilization, and conversion process technologies. Environmental issues relating to fuel use and coal combustion by-products constitute a major effort, along with the derivation of high added-value materials and chemicals from energy resources. The CAER is a non-academic unit that is staffed by professional scientists and engineers, has extensive interactions with faculty members and students, and provides analytical services for outside organizations.

CAER Research Expertise includes the following:     CAER, Center for Applied Energy Research, Kentucky, University of Kentucky, coal, coals, combustion, emissions, fuel, gas, emissions control, activated carbons, NOx, power plant emissions control, DOE, EPSCoR, catalysis, fischer-tropsch, materials, reformulated gasoline, gasoline, plug flow reactor, hydrogenation, acetylenes, dienes, coal-derived liquids, coal liquefaction, coal cleaning, dewatering, fine-size clean coal slurries, trace elements, wastewater, treatment, recovery of clean coal, fine-coal dewatering, petroleum coke, nanoparticles, polymerization, C60, activated carbon, carbon fiber composites, activated carbon fibers, fibres, waste management, fly ash, applied microscopy, laboratory, analytical services, industrial support, IEA, FUEL, research, graduate studies, chromatography, spectroscopy analysis, thermal analysis, metal analysis, surface analysis, particle size analysis, physical measurements, sample preparation, coal testing, petrography, carbon analysis, environmental analysis, organic pollutants, nm-scale catalysts, Pt-coated, zirconia, zirconium, flotation, beneficiation, combustion byproducts, coal combustion byproducts, macerals, fluorine release, gas, liquid, chromatographic analysis, ceramic, materials, polymers, XRD, benzene emissions, pellet sintering, air-entrainment, CAER Library, coal highlights, IEA coal abstracts, ENERGEIA, atmospheric, chemistry, oil shale, bituminous, landfill, gas, vapor, microscopy, fluorescence, ion beam analysis, feed rate, CVD, diamond, films, thin films, precursor, liquefaction, oxidation, industrial, bulk, Victorian Brown, hydropyrolysis, Vitrinite, mining engineering, carbonization, surface chemistry, coal exporter, coal producers, fullerene, buckyballs, buckminsterfullerene, nitrogen oxide, characterization, organic, desulfurization, underground mining, column flotation, methane, environmental, environment, energy policy, duct sorbent, injection technology, remediation, acid drainage, pyrite, power station, STM, SEM, coal gasification, gasification, organic geochemistry, fossil fuels, chemical, unit structure, fusion, coal-derived, ultrafine, micronized, tar pitch, fossil, resin, lithium batteries, fine coal dewatering, organic, petrography, nanophase, BET, method, biomarker identification, sulfur, low severity, powdered materials, recycled plastics, mercury, cannel coal, global warming, lignite, brown coal, cenospheres, ash, LOI, interfacial, flames, electric power, deregulation, utilization, single-wall carbon nanotubes, direct coal liquefaction, domestic coal, natural gas, byproducts, fly ash, flyash, petrochemicals, froth, separation, impurities, solids, conversion, catalysis, catalysts, dry scrubbing, FGD

Biofuels and Environmental Catalysis Research Group

The Biofuels and Environmental Catalysis Group (Biofuels)is focused on two principal objectives: to reduce the environmental impacts of fuel use and to develop renewable fuel sources.

Keywords:     biofuels, environmental, catalysis, catalyst, catalysts, catalytic, automotive, cars, impacts, fuel, use, renewable, fuel, sources, novel, mode, action, deactibation, mechanisms, reactor, technologies, biomass, upgrading, chemicals, carbon, fossil, liquid, fuels, liquefaction, solvolysis, bio-oil, farm, bio-refineries, viscosity, heat, vegetable, oil, biodiesel, diesel, engines, emissions, exhaust, gases, lean, NOx, trops, LNT, gasoline, vehicles, sulfur, poisoning, storage, sulfate, metal, washcoat, reduction, HC-SCR, reductants, nanotube, metal, materials, nanofibers, MWNT, microelectronics, battery, electrodes, durg, delivery, shielding, poloymers, composites, doping, semi-conductors, boron, nitrogen, thermochemical, conversion, processes, pyrolysis

Carbon Materials Research Group

The Carbon Materials group focuses on developing technologies for producing high-value carbon materials. The group has expanded its scope to include the synthesis and applications of multiwalled carbon nanotubes as well as the more traditional activated carbons and carbon fibers.

Carbon Keywords:     carbon, carbon materials, adsorbent carbon, nanotube, nanotubes, coal, nanometer, novel applications, composite, nanotube composite, structural carbon, structural composite, distillates, pitch, coal tar pitch, coal derived pitch, coke oven, aluminum, gasifier, graphite, carbon fibers, carbon dioxide sequestration, vision 21, biomaterials, carbon-carbon composites, microporous carbon, mesoporous carbon, molecular sieves, water treatment, porous carbon, SWNT, MWNT, single wall nanotubes, Multiwall nanotubes, nanofibers, nanowires, carbonization, Pyrolysis, KOH, carbon cryogels, lithium ion batteries, C/C composites, vapor grown carbon fibers, carbon black, mesophase pitch, pitch-derived carbon, pyrocarbon, carbon moonlight, li-ion batteries, American carbon society, hydrogen, hydrogen storage, VOC, natural gas storage

Clean Fuels and Chemicals Research Group

The Clean Fuels and Chemicals Group investigates the catalytic conversion of coal synthesis gas to chemicals through the process of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. It defines scientific principles involved in catalysis as well as applying these scientific principles to the many uses of catalysts in industry.

Catalysis Keywords:     Burt Davis, catalysis, catalysts, department of energy, fischer-tropsch, gasification, fuel conversion, Superacid Catalysis, Surface Science Studies, Material Science Studies, Naphtha Upgrading, Reaction Mechanism Studies, Stable Isotope, Radioactive Isotope, naphtha Reforming, Catalytic Cracking, Direct Coal Liquefaction, Direct Liquefaction, indirect coal liquefaction, indirect liquefaction, zeolite, internal combustion engines, fuels, syngas, synthesis gas, petroleum petroleum processing, isotope tracing, reactor modeling, hans fischer, franz tropsch, helmut pitchler, fuel, transportation fuel, hydrogenation, continuous stirred tank reactors, cstr, slurry bubble column reactor, wax product, petrochemicals, fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cells, nano-coolants

Power Generation and Utility Fuels Research Group

The Power Generation and Utility Fuels Group (PowerGen) focuses on developing viable technologies for producing clean electricity and energy from Kentucky's fossil resources and biomass. The group has expanded this scope to include the coal cleaning, biomass briquetting, combustion/gasification, carbon management, utilization of animal waste, pollution control as well as power plant performance improvement.

Keywords:     power, generation, utility, fuels, clean, electricity, energy, Kentucky, CAER, University, center, applied, research, fossil, resources, biomass, coal, cleaning, briquetting, combustion, gasification, carbon, management, pollution, control, power, plant, performance, improvement, emissions, control, climate, change, electricity, generation, CO2, energy, efficient, efficiency, renewable, carbon-free, capture, store, carbon, dioxide, sequestration, utilities, government, amine, ammoni, srubbing, process, oxyfuel, looping, green, power, utilization, co-firing, CLC, utility, gas-to-liquid, liquefaction, consumption, sorbent, separation, technologies, deactivation, reactor, binders, briquetts, briquetting, coal cleaning, coal prep, separation, slurry ponds, acid, mine, drainage, syngas, by-products, thermal, integration, balance of plant, chemical, looping

CAER Industrial Support

The CAER provides analytical services to industry through the industrial support program by offering a critical combination of analytical, processing and characterization capabilities equaling the finest in the country at either an academic or industrial site.

Industrial Support Keywords:     Industry, Darrell Taulbee, Sample Collection, Sample Preparation, Equipment, Sampling, Coring Equipment, Pilot Scale, Processing Equipment, Concrete Preparation, Concrete Testing, Carbon Materials Preparation Carbon Materials testing, Material Characterization Equipment, Laboratory Preparation Equipment, Solid Material testing, liquid fuel Testing, Petrography, Gas Organic Analyzers, Liquid Organic Analyzers, Aqueous Analyzers, Environmental Analyzers, Spectroscopy, Thermal Analyzer

CAER Analytical Services

The CAER's analytical services include chromatography, spectroscopy, thermal , metal , surface , carbon, environmental and particle size analysis; physical measurements; sample preparation; coal/coke testing; and coal petrography. The standard services include atomic adsorption spectroscopy, classical wet chemistry, failure analysis, infrared and plasma emission spectroscopy, gas, ion and liquid chromatography, mechanical testing, optical & scanning electron microscopy, particle size distribution, surface area measurements, thermal analysis, x-ray fluorescence & diffraction and metallurgical/materials evaluation.

Analytical Services Keywords:     X-ray Fluorescence, Thermogravimetric Analyzer, TGA, X-ray diffraction, non-destructive analytical technique, TG/DTA-MS, Mass Spectrometer, organic materials, MPV microscope, vitrinite reflectance, macerals, minerals, polished sample, Ion Chromatography, Ion Chromatograph, anions, liquid solutions, Fluxer, FIAS, flow injection system, atomic absorption spectrometry, analyses, sample preparation, cold vapor, mercury, Mercury Analyzer, trace amounts of mercury, coal, combustion, Mechanical Analyzer, compression, Catalyst Characterization, Desorption, Chemisorption, BET analyses, physical adsorption, capillary condensation, porosity, chemisorbate, pore volume, Mercury Analyzer, Mercury Spectrometer, Particle Size Analyzer, Mass Selective Detector, hydrocarbon, Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, GC/MS, analytical technique, organic compounds, mass spectra, spectrum, liquid hydrocarbons, thermal analysis, endothermic, exothermic, chemical reaction, Laser particle Size Analyzer, Isothermal-jacket bomb calorimeter, Sulfur Analyzer, infrared, SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope, SEM, ICP-MS, quadrupole, trace elements

CAER Educational Activities

In addition to research, the CAER contributes to UK's mission of instruction, impacting students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. The Center supplements the Kentucky Education Reform Act by encouraging and supporting K-12 mathematics and science education through scholarship, curriculum support and experiential education.

Education Keywords:     Fuel Processing Technology Class, Russell Cave Elementary School, Science Fairs, Fayette County Experienced Based Career Education (EBCE), Rogers Scholars, Undergraduate, co-op, student workers, Mining Engineering Scholarship, CONSOL Energy Scholarship, Students, Foreign Exchange Program, Graduate student, Graduate student research, Postdoctoral researchers, postdoc, sabbatical, visiting professor, visiting scientist, ESIREM Exchange Program, K-12, instruction, multi-disciplinary, fuel science course, seminar, scholarship, Kentucky Education Reform Act, science education, curriculum, experiential education, Fayette County Public Schools, elementary school teachers, science instruction, hands-on experiments, science experiment, educational outreach, KERA

CAER Energeia

Energeia is a Nonrefereed, bimonthly technical newsletter that prints articles and editorials on energy-related topics. It also publishes conference notices, awards announcements, items related to energy.

Energeia Authors:
Mark Crocker
Czarena Crofcheck
Rodney Andrews
Kozo Saito
Peter Savage
David Devilliers
Bruce Hinds
Wendy Baldwin
Lindon K.A. Sear
Jim Hower
JImmy Knowles
Alexander A. Khassin
Andrew J. Minchener
Frank Hilty
Janet Gellici
Liming Dai
Roy Palk
Maria Mastelerz
Rachel Walker
J. Steven Gardner
Cortland F. Eble
Dale E. Heydlauff
Richard Wolfe
Michael E. Kalinski
Jose R. Bicudo
Anne-Gaelle Collot
David Goss
Tarunjit S. Butalia
Keith Bargaheiser
K.P. Galvin
Kim Vories
A.K. Dalai
Herman Potgieter
Kip Alderson
Marybeth McAlister
Jim Drahovzal
Ari Geertsema
Alan A. Johnson
Bradley Bockrath
Robert H. Hurt
Veena Mustoor
Diola Bagayoko
Tim Burchell
Bill Caylor
Leslie Ruppert
James Cobb
Katerina Rousaki
Geoff Morrison
Rodney Andrews
David Jacques
Mark Meier
Ari Geertsema
Anthony N. Stranges
Mark A. Keane
Ljubisa R. Radovic
Don Challman
Ann Kim
Caryl L. Fish
Rick Sweigard
Burt Davis
Chunshan Song
Harold H. Schobert
Debra Pflughoeft-Hassett
John M. Stencel
James K. Neathery
Chun-Zhu Li
Chirag Sathe
Richard Sakurovs
Sallie Baliunas
Willie Soon
Chris Leshock
Patrick Wright
Scott Beveridge
Kevin R. Henke
David A. Atwood
David Gray
Kenneth Sing
Gregoire Padro
Frank Derbyshire
Bala Subramaniam
William O'Keefe
Simon Walker
Daniel Tao
Kathryn Ackley
Dan Reitz
Apparo Rao
David Baker
Shivaji Sircar
John Andrésen
Mercedes Maroto-Valer
Colin Snape
Scott Grossman
Hiam Cohen
Oscar Manz
Istvan Hargittal
Robert Davidson
Bill Alig
Richard Lawson
S.C. Van Winkle
G.S. Pullman
Harry Marsh
Martin Gorbaty
Heng Ban
Eric Grulke
Mike Musulin
Leo Collins
Jim McKinnon



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