07/10/2012 Archived Entry: "New House More Energy Efficient than Predicted"

hbeer_house (230k image)

The energy performance of the Whitley County Houseboat-to-Energy-Efficient Residences (HBEER) is better than predicted. The 3-person household owning the HBEER unit paid just over $32.00 in May for power and $36.65 for power (428 KWH) in June which included several days near 100 degrees. The total June bill was $56.54 incorporating surcharges, taxes, customer fees and a security light.

The modular home was built by workers from the houseboat industry. The initiative directly responds to the impact the economic downturn has had on the houseboat manufacturing industry in the Commonwealth. The project was created to help design and build energy efficient, low-income residences.

The work was done by the UK College of Design team, Stardust and Southern Tier Housing Corp. and all the many other development partners, including the CAER.

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