04/03/2012 Archived Entry: "Ohio Valley Organic Petrographers Meeting Held at CAER"

Organic petrographers from the Ohio Valley area representing three universities met on March 29, 2012 at UK Center for Applied Energy Research to present and discuss their current research. Topics included organic petrology of coals and carbonaceous shales, a discussion of maceral origin, the heating stage studies of biomass, the response of organic matter and minerals to heat from an intrusion, coke particle size and associated characteristics, coal fires, and stoker boiler ash. Dr. Jim Hower of the UK Center for Applied Energy Research organized and facilitated the meeting. Breakfast was provided by W. Nuhsbaum, Inc., and lunch was provided by UK Center for Applied Energy Research.

2012-Ohio-Valley (29k image)

Front row (from left): Rollin Robinson (W. Nuhsbaum Inc.), Solomon Nyathi (Indiana), Agnieszka Drobniak (Indiana Geological Survey), Agnieszka Furmann (Indiana), Luis Caro (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), Yanyan Chen (Indiana), Maria Mastalerz (Indiana Geological Survey), Cortland Eble (Kentucky Geological Survey), Sarah Mardon (UK CAER), Michaela Howard (Morehead State)

Back row: Robert Pace (UK CAER), Allen Quarderer (Morehead State), Jim Hower (UK CAER), Luke Schwab (Morehead State), Trent Garisson (UK CAER), Eric Matteson (Morehead State), Adam Layne (Morehead State), Zachary Barnett (Morehead State), Jared Harmon (Morehead State), Jen O’Keefe (Morehead State)

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