08/16/2011 Archived Entry: "Visitors from Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka COme to see CAER"

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CLIMATE CHANGE AND CLEAN ENERGY (A Regional Project for South Asia) brought eight international visitors to CAER on August 15th. According to the U.S. Department of State, the goals of the program are: The goals of this project as outlined by the Department of State are:

Examine the latest scientific findings on climate change and its effects;

Discuss advances and challenges associated with various clean energy and alternative energy sources;

Discuss international scientific and political cooperative efforts and how climate change and clean energy development impacts economics;

Analyze U.S. energy policy formulation at the federal, state, and local levels and the influence of think tanks, lobbyists, and media;

Explore the roles that the public, private, and academic sectors play in protecting the environment; and

Showcase effective environmental initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease carbon footprint, and use clean energy sources.

We were to share our research with this group.

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