04/30/2010 Archived Entry: "Kunlei Liu is Principal Investigator on Major U.S. Dept. of Energy Award"

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U.S. DOE announced that the CAER has won a $1.9M grant from its ARPA-E Program. The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA - E) program grant was awarded for "A Solvent/Membrane Hybrid Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Prpocess for Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants." Dr. Kunlei Liu, Associate Director for the CAER Power Generation and Utility Fuels Group, will manage the grant.

The team will develop a hybrid absorption solvent/catalytic membrane for post-combustion CO2 capture process that can be retrofit onto existing coal-fired power plants. The membrane is a catalytic separator that couples nanofiltration separation and catalysis to produce a concentrated permeate. The membrane can be used with aqueous ammonium and some typical alkyl amines solutions. This catalytic membrane reactor could greatly reduce the energy penalty for CO2 capture. Moreover, it could be conveniently integrated with traditional carbon capture processes.

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