03/30/2010 Archived Entry: "Podcast of CAER Seminar Speaker - Dr. Marcus Hilliard"

The University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research has published another podcast for individuals interested in energy issues.

It explored the topic of An Innovative Approach in the Development of Physical Properties for Carbon Capture Technologies by Dr. Marcus Hilliard from Dow Chemical Company located in Freeport, TX.

- Podcast and PPT File

This research addresses the solvent development of carbon capture technologies for use in coal fired power plants utilizing aqueous absorption. Aqueous absorption is considered "capture ready" with conventional coal fired power plants for a lower capital investment as compared to IGCC and oxycombustion. Our aim in this work is to understand the fundamental thermodynamic behavior associated with the chemical absorption process using a variety of aqueous salt/amine chemical solvents which have shown an increase in capacity, exhibited faster rates, and have demonstrated robustness to corrosion.

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