02/01/2010 Archived Entry: "Foreign Journalists Come to UK to Learn about Coal"

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Twelve reporters from China, Japan, and Germany toured the UK Center for Applied Energy Research to better understand clean coal technologies and other energy research.

The visit was part of a larger visit to the Commonwealth organized by the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Press Center. The Foreign Press Center helps foreign media cover the U.S. Their goal is to promote the balance of foreign reporting from the U.S., by providing direct access to American sources.
On the CAER tour, the journalists interviewed associate directors and senior researchers about carbon dioxide capture, biofuels, coal combustion byproducts, the coal-to-liquids process, and energy storage devices. The interviews took place in laboratories, where the reporters could see the research being described.

Director Rodney Andrews supplied a brief overview of energy issues raised by the group. Of the visit, he says, “These types of visits provide opportunities to explain technical issues with those whose background is not technical. As these reporters are the folks who provide explanations of energy issues throughout the world and to their home countries, we appreciate this chance to educate them on what the state is doing to advance all types of energy research.”

The group hopes to return to the state when weather allows for a visit to a mine site.

Visit UK's UKNOW site, for a longer story by UK PR's Dan Adkins.

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