11/04/2009 Archived Entry: "Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Fred Glasser"

The University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research has published another podcast for individuals interested in energy issues.

It explored the topic of Ettringite Revisted by Dr. Fred Glasser from the University of Aberdeen located in Old Aberdeen, Scotland UK.

- Podcast and PPT File

Ettringite is well known as a natural mineral and its synthetic equivalent is a minor but persistent phase in hydrated Portland cement. However it is also an important alteration product of Portland cement and its enhanced presence in deteriorated Portland cement has given rise to a wide range of beliefs, mainly negative, concerning its role. On the other hand ettringite is also known to be a major component of cements based on calcium sulfoaluminate These cements, like Portland cement, set under water giving dimensionally stable and, in conjunction with mineral aggregates, strong concretes.

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