08/21/2008 Archived Entry: "CAER Part of UK Study"

toxocology (48k image)

Researchers at the University of Kentucky have won a four-year, $2 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to study how nanoparticles enter the body.

The grant will allow a team of researchers, led by the College of Pharmacy, to define the basic properties of nanoparticles and the effects of those properties in living organisms. The CAER's contribution to this project will consist of studying the effects of ceria nanoparticles using high resolution electron microscopy after the nanoparticles are administered systemically. The nanoparticles will be analyzed to better understand interactions with the host tissues. The TEM/STEM study is anticipated to locate and observe any nanoparticles small enough to have passed through the “Blood-Brain-Barrier” as this could have implications for oxidative stress, which has been linked to brain disorders. The CAER team will also synthesize some of the nanoparticles to be utilized in the EPA study to provide the project with control over the composition, size and surface properties of the materials under investigation.

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