07/09/2008 Archived Entry: "CAER Receives C2P2 Award for Web Site"

C2P2Award (30k image)
Marybeth McAlister (left) and Alice Marksberry accept award from the EPA's Susan Bodine at the awards ceremony in Washington DC.

The CAER won first place in the Communication and Outreach category of the 2008 Coal Combustion Products Partnership (C2P2) Awards. The C2P2 Program is a cooperative effort among the U.S. EPA, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Ag, Federal Highway Admin., EPRI, USWAG, and ACAA to promote the use of coal combustion by-products. The award was for the new ash education web site (http://www.caer.uky.edu/kyasheducation/index.html), which is a general introduction to what CCBs are for the general public. The original funding for the site came from the UK Commonwealth Collaborative Program.

The web site development team members were: Jack Groppo, Alice Marksberry, Marybeth McAlister, Bob Rathbone, and Tom Robl.

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