04/04/2008 Archived Entry: "UK CAER Catalysis Groups hits another of the Top 25 Hottest Articles List"

CatATop25 (15k image)

The published joint paper by the UK CAER Clean Fuels Research Group and Argonne National Laboratory is listed as the 14th top download on the Applied Catalysis A: General website for October - December 2007 according to ScienceDirect. This is the third article to crack the top 25 status in less than a year.

Jacobs, G.; Ji, Y.; Davis, B.H.; Cronauer, D.; Kropf, A.J.; Marshall, C.L. (with Argonne National Laboratory); Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: temperature programmed EXAFS/XANES investigation of the influence of support type, cobalt loading, and noble metal promoter addition to the reduction behavior of cobalt oxide particles, Appl. Catal. A: General 333 (2007) 177.

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