06/11/2007 Archived Entry: "CAER Paper Recognized in the "Top-50 Most Cited Articles""

A 2002 paper from the CAER's Clean Fuels and Chemicals (Catalysis) Group has recently been recognised in the "Top-50 most cited articles" as published in Elsevier's Catalysis journals 2002-2006 (as cited by Scopus). The article, written by CAER scientists including Gary Jacobs and Burt Davis, was published in the Applied Catalysis A: General Journal.

Being a member of the "top 50" club is quite a feat considering that almost 3.4 million articles, just in the catalysis topic area, were downloaded from Elsevier's ScienceDirect service during the past twelve months.

Full Citation:
Jacobs, G.; Das, T.K.; Zhang, Y.; Li, J.; Racoillet, G.; and Davis, B.H.; "Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: support, loading and promoter effects on the reducibility of cobalt catalysts," Applied Catalysis A: General 233 (2002) 263

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