09/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Davis, Robl, and Gropppo Awarded Patents"

CAER Associate Director, Burt Davis was awarded a US patent as co-inventor. The patent is assigned to Chevron and came as a result of CAER invoice/service work, rather than with a formal IP agreement, hence it is assigned to Chevron instead of UK. The title is "Process for producing C19 minus products having high olefinicity." Burt made excellent progress in this area, indicating that some of the conventional wisdom doesn't necessarily apply and that one can use a low temperature Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalyst to make >60% olefins, which is a substantial step forward for FT.

CAER Associate Director Tom Robl and Senior Researcher Jack Groppo also were awarded a patent, entitled "Production of polymer filler and super-pozzolan from fly ash." The patent describes a method for recovering the smallest fly ash particles efficiently. With an average particle size of approximately 3 microns, the spherical fly ash particles can be used to enhance the physical properties of compounded plastics, but also have significant potential for improving the performance of structural concrete.

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