05/19/2003 Archived Entry: "CAER Fuel Science Course Successful"

The Fuel Processing Technology course which Ari Geertsema presented this spring as a senior/graduate elective in Chemicals and Materials Engineering, was concluded with 17 students completing the course. This course was a completely new course which spanned the range of fuel technologies covering coal, oil, gas, nuclear, renewables, power and related environmental aspects and concerns. It is anticipated to present the course again in Spring 2005. As part of the course, the students were taken to the Ghent power station on April 9, where they had a first hand introduction to the practicalities of a coal fired power station. The collaboration of staff at Ghent to make this possible is much appreciated. They also spent an afternoon at CAER as part of the Fuel Processing Technology course. They were introduced to a range of fuel characterization techniques and were shown a number of the facilities related to their course work. The feedback from the students was very positive.

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