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09/06/2012: Energy Club Meeting
09/04/2012: UK College of Engineering Features Courtney Fisk in Article
08/30/2012: Davis 2013 ACS Energy & Fuels Division Distinguished Researcher Award in Petroleum Chemistry
08/23/2012: UK CAER Staff Join forces with UK FUSION Project
08/22/2012: UK CAER Clean Fuels Research Group collaborates with Brazil's National Institute of Technology
08/22/2012: UK CAER Authors are published in Science
08/17/2012: Alumna Impacting Energy Research Through Construction Management
08/17/2012: Congratulations to John Anthony
08/17/2012: New CAER Building has Successful Grand Opening
08/07/2012: CAER's Electrochemistry Group Part of New Battery Grant
07/11/2012: Energeia Newsletter Volume 23-2 now published
07/11/2012: Lane Report article quotes Andrews
07/10/2012: New House More Energy Efficient than Predicted
07/09/2012: New Visiting Scientist
07/06/2012: Business Lexington Story on Energy Beet Industry in Kentucky
07/02/2012: Challman Attends Workshop in China
06/29/2012: Keynote Address by CAER Petrologist at International Meeting
06/14/2012: Biofuels Trainer Academy Tours the UK CAER
06/12/2012: UK-Minova Press Conference Held
05/29/2012: 700th Publication is a Record Setter
05/25/2012: UK NOW - Campus News Story: High School Students Tour UK Research Labs
05/25/2012: Travis Cone, Hal Rogers Staffer, Tours the UK CAER
05/25/2012: Kentucky CRERES Group Tours UK CAER’s New Renewables Laboratory
05/25/2012: UK CAER Participates in the Tennessee Valley Corridor Conference
05/15/2012: China Trip to Foster Potential Joint Clean Coal Technologies
05/03/2012: UK's College of Design Unveils Paducah's Future Potential
05/01/2012: BAE Thermochemical Processing of Biomass Class Tours UK CAER
05/01/2012: Energy Meeting Held to Discuss Collaborative Proposal Development
04/19/2012: Energeia Newsletter Volume 23-1 now published
04/19/2012: EPRI's Ken Ladwig Visits the UK CAER
04/19/2012: Electric Cars Made Road Trip to Kentucky Argonne Battery Center
04/19/2012: Henderson Energy Manager Tours CAER
04/05/2012: Ash Utilization Workshop - October 2012
04/05/2012: CAER Concrete Technology Licensed by Minova
04/03/2012: Ohio Valley Organic Petrographers Meeting Held at CAER
04/02/2012: Henderson and Union County Energy Club Students Tour CAER and Locust Trace
03/27/2012: Podcast of CAER Seminar Speaker - Dr. John Lemmon
03/27/2012: Carbon Capture 101 Workshop Scheduled for September 2012
03/23/2012: North American Catalysis Conference set for June 2013
03/01/2012: 2012 Ohio Valley Organic Petrographers
02/14/2012: Meeting and Tour for Girls' Science Advisors
02/14/2012: Lexington Mayor Tours CAER
02/13/2012: test6
02/13/2012: test5
02/13/2012: test4
02/13/2012: Mayor Gray Visits CAER
02/02/2012: test
01/25/2012: CAER Engineer Courtney Fisk Featured in Minority Engineer Magazine
01/24/2012: Russell Cave Elementary and CAER - 10 Years Strong
01/18/2012: 10th Year for Russell Cave Elementary Tour of CAER
12/19/2011: Energy Panel Draws Crowd
12/19/2011: Jim Hower Contributor to Recently Released USGS Report
12/06/2011: Kentucky Coal Delegation Travels to China
11/21/2011: Congratulations to John Craddock
11/17/2011: E. coli could convert sugar to biodiesel at 'an extraordinary rate,' say Stanford researchers
11/15/2011: Nice CAER Video on YouTube
11/09/2011: CAER Expands to Perform Research on Future Fuels from Coal and Biomass
11/07/2011: UK at the Half
11/01/2011: Energy Week in Western Kentucky
10/28/2011: CAER Regional Reps Network at KACO Meeting
10/28/2011: Press Conference Announces CO2-Eating Algae Scale Up at EKPC Power Plant
10/27/2011: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Doo Young Kim
10/27/2011: Electric Pickle Experiment
10/26/2011: Bio-energy Sympoium November 17th
10/21/2011: International Visitors at Magoffin County Mine Site
10/20/2011: Kentucky Underground Maps Subject of International Learning
10/18/2011: Tom Robl Discusses Coal Ash On Air
10/17/2011: Quick Visit from Spanish Energy Scientist
10/10/2011: Educating First Year Engineers
10/06/2011: Energy Beet Research: Cooperative Research Could Result in Alternative Crop for Ethanol
09/23/2011: CAER has First Facebook Welcome Page at UK
09/16/2011: Biofuels Researchers Shine at Big Blue Goes Green
09/15/2011: Biofuels Researcher at Teens on Wheels Event
09/12/2011: Energeia Newsletter Volume 22-4 now published
09/08/2011: Hower Becomes Graduate Faculty Member
09/07/2011: Taulbee's Work Included in Document to Congress Describing National Security Research
09/07/2011: CAER's MathCounts Night Featured in Kentucky Living
08/30/2011: CAER Faculty Associate Featured in UKNOW
08/17/2011: UKPR Gets to See What They are Writing About
08/16/2011: Visitors from Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka COme to see CAER
08/16/2011: CAER Receives Largest Federal Grant in its History
08/05/2011: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Kenneth Reifsnider
07/21/2011: Kentucky NSF EPSCoR Now Reporting through CAER
07/19/2011: World Coal Magazine
07/17/2011: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Jay Apt
07/15/2011: Electrochemistry Group is Selected for Carbon Grant
07/13/2011: Burt Davis Receives Large Grant While being Named ACS Fellow
07/05/2011: Visiting Scientist Here from South Africa
06/29/2011: Robl and Groppo Receive Patent
06/22/2011: This Summer's Spanish Students are Here
06/17/2011: Energeia Newsletter Volume 22-3 now published
06/10/2011: Kentucky Coal Docoumentary Nominated for Emmy
05/20/2011: New Associate Directors at CAER
05/20/2011: CAER participates in Biomass Conference
05/17/2011: 2011 World of Coal Ash Conference Continues Series' Success
05/05/2011: Story on Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing Research & Development Center
05/04/2011: Mathcounts Night at CAER
05/04/2011: Former CAER Student Returns in Role of Energy Extension Agent
05/03/2011: Student Employee Awardee
05/03/2011: Prairie View A&M Faculty Visit Energy Researchers
04/29/2011: CAER HR Rep Achieves Education Award
04/28/2011: This is not a test!
04/28/2011: This is not a test!
04/28/2011: This is not a test!
11/24/2010: Energy Audit of CAER Performed by Middle Schoolers
11/24/2010: Vapor-Liquid Equilbrium (VLE) PostDoc Position Now Open
11/18/2010: New Energy Club Coordinator Joins Lab
11/11/2010: State Commerce Reps Learn about CAER
11/11/2010: Visitors from China
11/11/2010: The Tables Turn on Energy Experts
11/04/2010: Solvent Development PostDoc Position Available
11/01/2010: Staff Take Foreign Journalist to Eastern Kentucky
10/18/2010: First PEIK Short Course Proves Successful
10/18/2010: Membrane Scientist or PostDoc Position Available
10/14/2010: CAER's New Renewable Energy Building Groundbreaking
09/24/2010: CAER Featured in Last Printed Odyssey Issue
09/21/2010: Kentucky Wood Expo
09/20/2010: American Carbon Society Appointee
09/20/2010: Taulbee Receives Patent
09/20/2010: Hower Makes Presentations in China
09/17/2010: Biofuels Researchers Explain Algae Use for Energy at Richmond, KY Event
09/16/2010: CAER Helps Big Blue Go Green
09/13/2010: Royal Society of Chemistry Publishes Book by Mark Crocker
09/03/2010: Energeia Newsletter Volume 20-5 now published
09/03/2010: CAER Part of U.S.-China Energy Research Consortium
09/02/2010: Jim Neathery Will Hold Adjunct Position in UK College of Engineering
09/01/2010: USGS Releases Web Page on Coals Examined by CAER Petrographers
08/30/2010: Chemistry Graduate Student Successfully Defends Dissertation
08/10/2010: Catalysis Expert Reaches Peak in Refereed Publications
08/10/2010: Turkish Graduate Student Spends Research Time at CAER
08/09/2010: Energeia Newsletter Volume 21-4 now published
08/09/2010: CAER's Real Time Report Now Available
07/19/2010: Vence Easterling on UK President's Radio Show
07/16/2010: Battery Industry Expert Named Director of New Center
07/15/2010: CAER Staffer Coordinates Mine Tours
07/14/2010: Petrology Student Defends Thesis
06/28/2010: June 22nd was EEC-CAER Day
06/21/2010: Hower's Work Featured in Popular Science Magazine "Discover"
06/18/2010: Transylvania University Chemistry Professor One of CAER's Summer Employees
06/15/2010: Another Article About CAER Appears in Business Lexington
06/03/2010: Vence Easterling Makes News for Ford Motor Co.
05/28/2010: Steve Lipka to be Part of New UK Power and Energy Institute
05/27/2010: Business Lexington Article Features CAER-College of Design Project
05/26/2010: CAER's Elementary School Partnership Leads to Another Successful Year
05/21/2010: Pacific Northwest National Lab Director Visits CAER
05/12/2010: Lignin Research Site Now Available on Web
05/07/2010: UK Center for Applied Energy Research Seeks Postdocs
05/07/2010: Business Lexington Features CAER Spin Off Company
05/05/2010: Two News Stories about CAER Featured in Latest Odyssey
04/30/2010: Kunlei Liu is Principal Investigator on Major U.S. Dept. of Energy Award
04/27/2010: Pittsburgh Connections
04/26/2010: Synfuels Award Goes to Burt Davis
04/20/2010: Federal Staffers' Tour at CAER
04/19/2010: Tom Robl at 4th Annual DHS-University Network Summit
04/15/2010: Taking the Show on the Road
04/13/2010: Mining Engineering Foundation Distinguished Lecturer
04/08/2010: Ohio Valley Organic Petrographers Colloquium
04/05/2010: Mark Crocker Featured in Story About UK Research
03/30/2010: Podcast of CAER Seminar Speaker - Dr. Marcus Hilliard
03/29/2010: CAER Students Garner Honorable Mention Award
03/26/2010: WRFL Interviews CAER Director
03/26/2010: A Thank You form the American Filtration and Separations Society
03/25/2010: College Connections
03/25/2010: Berea High School Students Visit CAER
03/24/2010: Energeia Newsletter Volume 21-2 now published
03/19/2010: Recent CAER Seminar Podcast
03/19/2010: Recent CAER Seminar Podcasts
03/15/2010: Foreign Journists' Tour Story Appears in People's Daily
03/11/2010: Ash Articles Available On-Line and Soon to be Printed
03/10/2010: Director Andrews Interviewed on WUKY by President Todd
03/09/2010: University of Louisville Student Works on Carbon Management
03/08/2010: Behind the Plug Article on CAER
03/08/2010: CAER Featured on State Department Web Site
03/02/2010: 2010 French Students Arrive
03/01/2010: Visiting Scientist from University of Dundee
02/25/2010: ECT Group Highlighted in UK's UKNOW News
02/18/2010: Coal Documentary Interview
02/18/2010: CAER Researcher Part of Team that Receives Large EPA Grant
02/17/2010: Biomass to Energy Short Course
02/16/2010: Congratulations to Courtney Fisk!
02/10/2010: Energeia Newsletter Volume 21-1 now published
02/04/2010: Lipka Becomes Adjunct Faculty
02/02/2010: Visiting Scientist from China at CAER
02/01/2010: Foreign Journalists Come to UK to Learn about Coal
01/27/2010: Biofuels Group Receives Funding From Sapphire Energy
01/25/2010: CAER's Real Time Report Now Available
01/25/2010: Announcing two new members to the Carbon Management Research Group
01/20/2010: New Book Edited by Burt Davis
01/15/2010: Energy Fair Hosted with Help from 7th Graders
01/14/2010: Lieutenant Governor Mongiardo Tours CAER
01/12/2010: Courtney Fisk Highlighted as Young Professional of ASABE
01/08/2010: CAER Receives $11.8 Million for New Building
01/06/2010: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. James Dawson
01/05/2010: Visiting Scientists for 2010
12/22/2009: Learning from Coal Fires in Eastern Kentucky
12/17/2009: Design Students Create Fly Ash Planters
12/14/2009: Energeia Newsletter Volume 20-6 now published
12/14/2009: CAER Student Workers Graduate with Honors
12/11/2009: Governor Beshear Announces Funding for Battery Center
12/08/2009: CAER Staff Learn About Smart Grid
12/04/2009: Former Advisory Board Member is American Chemical Society President-Elect
12/02/2009: Parekh Recipient of AIME Award
11/30/2009: Taulbee Elected to Position in Professional Society
11/19/2009: CAER's Real Time Report Now Available
11/18/2009: Agilent Technologies Seminar
11/12/2009: Semi-annual Meeting of CAER Advisory Board
11/10/2009: CAER's Don Challman Travels to South Africa on Ky. World Trade Center Trip
11/09/2009: 4H Camp for Russell Cave Elementary
11/09/2009: Forum on Coal in Kentucky
11/04/2009: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Fred Glasser
11/03/2009: Teacher Energy Tour
10/30/2009: CTL Technology Grant Awarded to UK CAER
10/28/2009: Business and Engineering Students Tour Center
10/28/2009: Pollution Control Researchers Meet with Consortium Representatives
10/27/2009: UK Design Students Back for More
10/27/2009: International Group Tours CAER
10/23/2009: New CCP Refereed Journal Now On-Line
10/07/2009: New Automotive Catalysis Project in the Biofuels & Environmental Catalysis Group
10/05/2009: Recent Governor's Conference on the Environment is Showcase for CAER
10/05/2009: Groppo Wins Best Paper Award
09/22/2009: CAER Sustainable Research Seen by Campus Tour Group
09/18/2009: Hower Authors USGS Fact Sheet
09/17/2009: Josh Brien Returns
09/16/2009: Energeia Newsletter Volume 20-5 now published
09/15/2009: Governor's Conference on the Environment
09/14/2009: New Web Pages on UK Algae Research
08/28/2009: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Manfred Selig
08/26/2009: Energeia Newsletter Volume 20-4 now published
08/25/2009: CAER and Others Receive $1.9M Award
08/14/2009: CAER Holds Algae Symposium in Western Kentucky
08/11/2009: French Summer Intern Arrives at CAER
06/23/2009: Professional Association News
06/22/2009: Russell Area Technology Teacher on Short Sabbatical at CAER
06/15/2009: MIT Student to Perform Research at CAER this Summer
06/04/2009: Energeia Newsletter Volume 20-3 now published
06/03/2009: Catalysis Researchers Receive Grant from Qatar
06/02/2009: Russell Cave Tours CAER
05/28/2009: Catalysis Group Receives Acclaim
05/22/2009: Jim Neathery Interviewed by President Todd on WUKY
05/20/2009: CAER Associate Director Burt Davis Resident Scholar at Oregon State University
04/23/2009: CAER Advisory Board Spring Meeting
04/09/2009: Kentucky, Argonne partner to help build domestic battery industry
03/20/2009: Another Patent Authored by CAER Researchers
03/18/2009: CAER Researcher Steve Lipka Featured in Odyssey
03/13/2009: Researcher is Editor of New Book
03/12/2009: New Utilities-Academic Consortium Meets
03/09/2009: Mechanical Engineer Joins Biofuels Group
03/05/2009: New Postdoctoral Scholar in Clean Fuels Group
03/02/2009: CAER Extends More Global Interactions
02/27/2009: SME Winner
02/24/2009: Biomass/Coal Press Release
02/19/2009: 2009 Haney Lecture
02/18/2009: 2009 French Exchange Students Arrive in Lexington
02/13/2009: Energeia Newsletter Volume 20-1 now published
02/09/2009: New Refereed Journal to be Published for Ash Community
02/04/2009: Electrochemistry Group's Work Featured in Magazine
02/02/2009: Alliance Resource Partners Visit CAER
01/26/2009: CAER to Teach UK Engineering Course
01/23/2009: Clean Coal Topic of "State of Affairs" Radio Show
01/22/2009: CAER's Second Energy Fair as Successful as the First
01/16/2009: Podcast of CAER Fuel Seminar Speaker - Dr. Jeff Helm
01/13/2009: Sustainability Lunch on Campus
01/13/2009: More New Students at CAER
01/09/2009: BK Parekh Named to Policy Board
01/09/2009: CRN Members Visit CAER
01/08/2009: International Students at CAER
01/07/2009: CAER Seminar January 14th
12/16/2008: Hower Recieves New Editorial Advisory Board Position
12/15/2008: Energeia 19(6) is Ready for Viewing
12/10/2008: New Patent Awarded
12/10/2008: West Liberty Office Hosts Open House
12/05/2008: Another Year with the Little People
12/04/2008: New Biofuels Scientist
11/25/2008: Upcoming Seminar
11/14/2008: Teachers Tour Energy Center
11/12/2008: CAER Opens West Liberty Regional Office - Press Release
11/10/2008: Visiting Scholar
11/07/2008: UK Energy Experts Support State
10/30/2008: Cooperative Agreement
10/30/2008: Students Explain Energy Projects to State Legislators
10/13/2008: Pittsburgh Coal Connections
10/02/2008: Davis Quoted in Fischer-Tropsch Article
09/25/2008: Hiett Group Continues to Gather Awards
09/24/2008: Sarah Mardon Receives Master's Degree
09/15/2008: Burt Davis and Gary Jacobs Receive DOE Award(s) for New Fischer-Tropsch Work
09/08/2008: Visiting Scientist from China
09/08/2008: ANother Alicante Student Arrives
09/04/2008: Local High School Pre-engineering Students to work at CAER
09/03/2008: Staff Tours State's Energy Businesses
09/02/2008: CAER Mine Mapping Group Highlighted in Another Journal
08/25/2008: Biofuels Discussion on Air
08/21/2008: CAER Part of UK Study
08/21/2008: CAER Extends its Reach to Both Ends of the State
08/21/2008: The CAER Receives $1.4 Million in CTL Funding
08/15/2008: CAER Hosts Successful Short Course
07/31/2008: CAER Faculty Associate Shows his True Colors on the Discovery Web Site
07/23/2008: Jack Groppo Receives Patent
07/17/2008: Biofuels Short Course Offered in August
07/09/2008: Taulbee Project Featured On-Line
07/09/2008: Spanish Exchange Student at CAER
07/09/2008: Visiting Scientist
07/09/2008: CAER Receives C2P2 Award for Web Site
06/24/2008: Recognition for the "Top-50 Most Cited" Catalysis Articles
06/19/2008: State Energy Officials Visit Lab
06/10/2008: E.ON Co-op Performs Research at CAER
06/10/2008: A Chinese Coal Delegation Visits CAER
06/06/2008: Steve Lipka Receives $1.2 Million from E.ON for Energy Storage Research
06/06/2008: Jim Hower Receives The Society for Organic Petrology's 2008 John Castaño Honorary Membership Award
06/02/2008: KGS Presentation
05/23/2008: School is Out!
05/14/2008: Burt Davis Celebrates with Sasol
05/14/2008: Three New Undergrads. from Georgetown College
05/13/2008: 3 CAER Projects Funded by Homeland Security
05/09/2008: Taulbee to Appear in Odyssey
05/09/2008: Contributions to new Coal Petrology Wiki
05/06/2008: Congratulations Graduates
05/06/2008: E.ON Group Tours CAER
04/24/2008: Kentucky Mine Mapping in the News on Two Fronts
04/21/2008: Energizing Kentucky
04/17/2008: Solar Decathlon Competition Progresses
04/09/2008: Ford Motor Company Funds CAER
04/09/2008: Tri-State Catalysis Society Seminar
04/08/2008: High School Interns at CAER
04/07/2008: Upcoming Energy Events
04/07/2008: Kentucky Living Features CAER Carbon Management Research
04/07/2008: Victor Kunadian Wins Graduate Student Award
04/04/2008: UK CAER Catalysis Groups hits another of the Top 25 Hottest Articles List
04/02/2008: Campus Mining Engineering Department hosting April Events
03/27/2008: Energeia Newsletter Volume 19-2 now published
03/18/2008: Professorial Status
03/18/2008: Bob Rathbone Named to UK's Sustainability Committee
03/12/2008: CAER Faculty Associate Receives Three Accolades
03/03/2008: Karen Petty Wins Best Poster Award
02/28/2008: Utilities' Information Exchange Group Visits Lab
02/15/2008: New ESIREM Students Arrive at CAER
02/13/2008: New Postdoctoral Researcher at CAER
02/11/2008: Energeia Newsletter Volume 19-1 now published
02/11/2008: NEW!!! Kentucky Ash Education Site
02/06/2008: Solar Decathlon
02/01/2008: Energy Fair Brings Together Kids and Learning
01/17/2008: CAER Scientists Judge Science Fair at our Partner Elementary
01/16/2008: Doctorate Bestowed Upon Matt Weisenberger
01/11/2008: Brazilian Researcher at CAER
01/10/2008: Visiting Scientist at CAER
12/07/2007: Local High School Student is Mentored at CAER
12/05/2007: Darryl McLean Featured in News for his Good Deeds
11/29/2007: Matt Simmons Interview Appears in Lexington Herald-Leader
11/20/2007: CAER 2007 Distinguished Lecture Hightlighted Peak Oil
11/16/2007: UK's "At the Half" interviews Burt Davis
11/14/2007: Funding Received from Governor's Office of Energy Policy
11/13/2007: University of Kentucky's "At the Half" radio spot salutes UK's CAER
11/09/2007: Davis Highlighted in Sasol Newsletter
11/06/2007: CAER on the Air Waves
10/31/2007: Student Receives Dissertation Enhancement Award
10/30/2007: CAER Holds Successful Short Course on Pollution Control
10/26/2007: Kentucky Energy Summit Brings Experts to Lexington
10/25/2007: Energeia Newsletter Volume 18-5 now published
10/25/2007: Kentucky Energy Summit Podcasts and Presentations
09/12/2007: Swartz Becomes Fulltime Scientist at CAER
09/06/2007: Congratulations to Former Students -- Now Professionals
09/06/2007: New Employees at CAER
09/04/2007: New Visiting Scientist from Bulgaria at CAER
08/27/2007: Taulbee and Davis Research Highlighted in On-Line Publications
08/24/2007: CAER Produces New Clean Coal Technology Educational Tools
08/24/2007: CAER Podcast #5 - Dr. Samuel A. Morton - CAER Seminiar Speaker
08/10/2007: Rodney Andrews Named New Director of CAER
08/06/2007: CAER Carbon Group Well Represented at International Conference
08/01/2007: CAER Holds Teacher Workshop
08/01/2007: Kentucky House Bill 299 - Report on Coal to Liquids and Synthetic Natural Gas Technologies
07/30/2007: Centre Group Tours CAER
07/17/2007: CAER's Real Time Report Now Available
07/17/2007: Coal to Liquids Explanation
07/10/2007: CAER Catalysis Group Strikes Again in the Top 25 Most Downloaded Journal Article List
07/10/2007: Podcasts of WOCA 2007 Conference Plenary Speakers
07/06/2007: Newswise: Coal-to-Liquid Researchers Are Ahead of National Debate
07/06/2007: Funding Received from Governor's Office of Energy Policy
07/06/2007: CAER Scientist in the News Making Fertilizer Safer
06/11/2007: CAER Educational Outreach Efforts Highlighted in American Coal Council Magazine
06/11/2007: CAER Paper Recognized in the "Top-50 Most Cited Articles"
06/01/2007: CAER's Real Time Report and Energeia Newsletter Issues now published
05/31/2007: Researcher's Work Highlighted in Newspaper
05/24/2007: CAER In the News
05/21/2007: Visiting Scientist at CAER
05/18/2007: CAER Researcher Receives Funding for Biodiesel Work
05/15/2007: CAER Student Wins Award in UK Department
04/27/2007: State Legislators & Staffers Visit CAER
04/23/2007: Spanish Exchange Student at CAER
04/20/2007: CAER Graduate Student Wins Award for Presentation
04/09/2007: UK President Visits CAER
03/22/2007: New Employees at CAER
03/21/2007: Andrews Featured on WEKU
03/12/2007: Davis Appears on News Again!
03/12/2007: Pollution Control in Power Plants Workshop
03/06/2007: Chinese Scientist Visits CAER
02/21/2007: 2007 French Students Arrive at CAER
02/13/2007: Davis Featured in New Book on Catalysis
02/07/2007: New Editor-in-Chief of Coal Preparation Journal
01/29/2007: CAER Work Featured in Odyssey Magazine
01/29/2007: Energeia Newsletter Volume 18-1 now published
01/29/2007: CAER's Real Time Report Update
01/08/2007: CAER Seminar Speaker on 1/24/07
01/04/2007: CAER now home of Vanderbilt University's Coal Collection
01/04/2007: Special Energy Series on WYMT News highlights CAER's Expertise
01/03/2007: Science Experiments Now On-Line
12/18/2006: Parekh Receives Grant from KSEF
12/12/2006: Petrology News
11/08/2006: CAER Podcast #1 - Dr. Richard Sakurovs - CAER Seminar Speaker
11/08/2006: Jim Hower Wins Prestigious Award
11/08/2006: Robl & Groppo Receive EPA Award
10/18/2006: CAER Begins Podcasting
09/19/2006: Short Course on the Science of Coal Product Utilization
09/15/2006: CSIRO Scientist Works with CAER's Coal Preparation Expert
09/01/2006: Going Away Celebration for Ari Geertsema
08/28/2006: Energy Education Links Made Easy
08/21/2006: Andrews Elected to CPCPC Executive Committee
08/02/2006: Carbon Workshop to be Organized by CAER
07/28/2006: The American Energy Security Study
07/28/2006: World of Coal Ash Meeting Presentations Appear in Refereed Journal
07/19/2006: UK Chemistry Professor on One Year Sabbatical at CAER
07/19/2006: Director to Take New Position with Ethanol Company
06/14/2006: Fischer-Tropsch Researchers in the News
06/09/2006: South African Visiting Scientist at CAER
05/23/2006: Hower Receives GSA Award
05/10/2006: More News on Geology Students
05/01/2006: E.On to Give CAER $1.5 Million
04/24/2006: CAER Hosts Visiting Scientist
04/14/2006: CPCPC Meets in Lexington
03/29/2006: Two Students Win Awards
03/23/2006: Russelll Cave Elementary School Science Fair 2006
02/09/2006: Joint Project with Agricultural Engineering is Funded.
01/26/2006: CAER Shares Research Section in The Lane Report Feature on UK Research
01/04/2006: Groppo Featured in Power Magazine
10/31/2005: Two New CAER Researchers
09/29/2005: Jim Hower Wins Another Award
09/22/2005: CAER Short Course Proves Successful
09/19/2005: Ghent Project Selected as a UK Commonwealth Collaborative
08/16/2005: Visiting Professor at CAER
08/12/2005: Mark Crocker Receives Grant from U.S. Department of Energy
08/10/2005: Two CAER Researchers Receive Grants from Department of Homeland Security
07/14/2005: Visiting Scientist from Spain
06/01/2005: Award Presented to Parekh by SME President, Arthur Schweizer
05/24/2005: Andrews & Pienkowski Receive Patent Award
03/11/2005: French Students, 2005
01/24/2005: Visitors from Afar
12/08/2004: Director Speaks to State Energy Task Force
12/08/2004: Small Science Gets Big Coverage
11/23/2004: CAER Outreach Program Honored
11/05/2004: Coal Gasification Award
09/09/2004: 65th Annual Kentucky Mining Institute Meeting Held
08/16/2004: Secretary Wilcher Visits CAER
08/10/2004: Researcher Receives Contract to Produce FAST Catalysts
07/20/2004: CAER Researchers' Patent Application Accepted
07/01/2004: Visitor from Spain at CAER
05/19/2004: CAER Advisory Board Meeting
05/19/2004: BK Parekh Wins Second Prestigious Award in 2004
05/13/2004: Summer Work will be Performed by Morehead Instructor
04/16/2004: Kentucky Federal Legislators' Staffers Tour CAER
03/23/2004: Argonne Representatives visit UK
03/04/2004: BK Parekh Wins Award
03/02/2004: French ESIREM Students Arrive at CAER
03/01/2004: New Student at CAER
02/17/2004: CAER Seminar Speaker 2/26/04
02/03/2004: 2003 Bart Thomas Winner Announced
01/29/2004: CAER Hires New Human Resources Representative
01/28/2004: Renewable Resources Agents Visit CAER
12/10/2003: New Postdoctoral Scholar
12/05/2003: CAER Welcomes New Employee
12/03/2003: Carbon Group's Work to Appear in journal, Science
11/19/2003: CAER Advisory Board Meeting -- 2003
10/24/2003: 2003 International Ash Symposium A Success
10/17/2003: Uschi Graham Delivers Keynote Address
09/30/2003: Uk - U of L Nanotechnology Meeting Brings Together Universities and Industry
09/24/2003: 2003 CONSOL/CAER Students
09/12/2003: South African Scientist At CAER
09/12/2003: One-Year Sabbatical
09/05/2003: Kevin Henke's Book is Published
09/05/2003: Davis to Continue Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
09/05/2003: Graham and Davis Article Featured on Journal Cover
09/05/2003: Davis, Robl, and Gropppo Awarded Patents
09/04/2003: CAER Researchers Plan Strategy
07/15/2003: Dr. Stephen M. Lipka Joins the CAER
07/09/2003: Scientists' Work Makes Cover of Prestigious Journal
07/02/2003: More Projects Awarded to CAER
07/02/2003: Ultrahigh Strength Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers Award
07/02/2003: University's VP for Research Tours CAER
06/05/2003: School Tour and Picnic
06/05/2003: Project Awards
05/19/2003: CAER Fuel Science Course Successful
05/19/2003: Bert Combs Award Goes to CAER Student
05/19/2003: Student Receives Award from Catalysis Society
05/19/2003: Patent Awarded
11/06/2002: Outreach to Students at Russell School

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