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About CAER

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy (CAER) investigates energy technologies to improve the environment. Researchers contribute to technically-sound policies related to fossil and renewable energy. CAER is one of UK's multidisciplinary research centers. Research efforts are directed to:

  • coal beneficiation, utilization, and conversion process technologies
  • fuel use
  • coal combustion by-products
  • engineered fuels
  • derivation of high added-value materials and chemicals
  • renewable energy such as biofuels and bioenergy, electrochemistry, solar energy and environmental remediation.

The CAER is a UK unit that is staffed by professional scientists and engineers, has extensive interactions with faculty members and students, and provides analytical services for outside organizations. CAER adds to the teaching and instruction arm of UK by educating students from pre-college to postgraduate levels and being involved in labor force development for the Commonwealth.